Where We Fly

September 11-15, 2024

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New Gear

Up Your Swag

Come check out and try new gear! From fresh shirts and caps, to new wings and motors to demo. We've got you covered when it comes to new gear.

Tons of space

Bear Lake Airport

With plenty of room to play, the Bear Lake County Airport is the perfect space for paramotor pilot. We have an entire valley to play in and it's just north of Bear Lake. So it's a short flight or drive from the LZ. The valley sits at 6000 feet above sea level so come and fly in a high altitude environment.

Great Pilots

Fly With Others

Whether you are an experienced pilot, or just learning, the SkyVentures Fly-in is the perfect place to hone your skills. You'll learn more on the ground than in the air just by meeting other pilots