Flow Paragliders Future Power Review

Flow Paragliders Future Power Review

The Flow Paragliders Future Power is an EN-A rated paraglider. It is a suitable student and school glider.

You'll notice right away when grabbing the risers, the A lines are clearly labeled between the center As and the outside As. But the most beautiful aspect of this glider is the easy launch characteristics. I know we've all said that and heard that about many gliders over the years. But truly, this is one of the best launching A gliders on the market. But it doesn't stop there! Once overhead, the Future Power is very manageable. It reacts really well at slow airspeeds and is very predictable, making kiting it a breeze. 

Once airborne, the glider behaves as you would expect a beginner glider to fly. Its incredibly lifty, while still maintaining a solid forward airspeed. The glider has zero oscillation tendencies making it an ideal glider for student or newer pilots. The roll stability is comparable, if not better than some of the more popular brands of EN-A wings. That being said, it can still be a fun glider to toss around a bit too. Large wingovers feel predictable when you are correctly loaded in the weight range.

The Future Power acts like a lightweight glider, but has the durability of normal weight glider. There is some serious quality brought into this glider too. Flow Paragliders have brought to the table a high standard of quality, mixed with exceptional value, all in a beginner wing package.  

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