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BGD Luna 3

BGD Luna 3

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The LUNA 3 is a reflex paramotor wing for intermediate and advanced pilots. It has a very high top speed and a wide speed range. Size is not always everything, but when it comes to the LUNA 3 it’s worth paying attention! Larger sizes with lower wing loadings are ideal for intermediate pilots. Smaller sizes flown at higher wing loadings are fast, dynamic craft that experienced pilots can push to the limits and have an absolute blast. While it’s not an out-and-out comp wing the LUNA 3’s speed, agility, stability and efficiency are all the ingredients you need to tackle the varied tasks of classic PPG comps.

The Luna 3 is a complete redesign from first principles, and we’ve been growing, evolving and perfecting it for years. The easy launch, stable flight characteristics and good slow-speed ability make for stress-free flying on any voyage. The aerodynamic performance means good fuel economy – great for comps and XCs, and your pocket as you’ll get more miles from a tank of juice.

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