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Kangook Amaruk XD

Kangook Amaruk XD

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How to do you make a great thing even better?  You make it bigger of course!  The Amaruk XD features an eXtend Diameter of 151cm, specifically design to accommodate 140cm propellers. So, what's the big deal with a bigger prop?  More power, better climb rates, and less fuel burn can all be expected from higher aspect ratio props (longer and skinnier). Amaruk Amaruk XD uses the same core geometry as the Amaruk.  Each hoop section features a secondary hoop growing the cage to 151cm.  The added hoop adds incredible strength perfect for power forwards, tandems, acro, and demanding pilots! The center frame Is the same as the Amaruk with the addition of a 5 cm extension at the base.  This preserves the awesome geometry of the Amaruk.  The engine is mounted directly to purpose built welded engine mounts eliminating any unnecessary weight and loss of strength from engine adapters.  The thrust line features a slight negative angle causing the thrust line to pass below the pivot of the swing arms providing industry leading pitch stability.  Additional weight has been saved by removing provisions for J-bar arms while reinforcing the mounting for the popular stainless-steel swing arms, CNC swan neck arms, or the new Kobra style arms.  The frame geometry has been updated to provide maximum strength while also enhancing safety by maximizing netting coverage of the cage where it matters most.

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