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Kangook Vikking

Kangook Vikking

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The Kangook Vikking is the most affordable frame offered, but don’t mistake value for cheap quality.  The simple yet effective frame offers high strength at a low weight. The Vikking is available in a 132cm cage allowing the use of propellers up to 125cm and a 146cm cage allowing the use propellers up to 135cm!

The Kangook Vikking 132 starts with a unique frame used only on the Vikking 132 model. The frame can be configured for direct engine attachment or the multi fit engine mount which utilizes an engine adapter specific to the engine of choice. The multi fit frame can be refitted for a different engine at any time by replacing the engine adapter. he Kangook Vikking 146 utilizes the same “classic” frame used on the Phoenix K2 as well as the Classic allowing to be converted to the 146cm version of those models at any time!

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