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SkyVentures Paramotor

Ready to Fly Paramotor and Training Package

Ready to Fly Paramotor and Training Package

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This includes everything you need to go from zero to hero in this sport!

You will show up to us with nothing but the clothes on your back, and receive everything you would need to go flying. From learning the basics, to take all your brand new gear home and being able to fly confidently on your own. 

We've spent years in the industry working with different brands and companies to find the best bang for you buck without compromising safety whatsoever.  We know what works and what gives you the peace of mind to fly for years to come!

This package includes:

Your choice of Parajet Maverick, Kangook Amaruk, or Fly Products Rider $8900 value
Flow Future Power Paramotor Wing    $3400 value
Flow Aura 2 Square Reserve w/bridles    $825 value
Beginner Paramotor Training    $3000 value

What's included 100% free:

Custom Paramotor Helmet  $300 value
PPG Bible  $57 value
Windsock and Pole  $75 value
Mixing Bottle   $6 value 
Throttle Magnet   $12 value
Engine Tach/CHT   $60 value
Amsoil Sabre 1 gallon    $65 value
PPG Smoke Strobe    $60 value
VP Racing Fuel Jug    $50 value
SkyVentures T-Shirt    $30 value
SkyVentures Sticker     $5 value
Shipping (to us or you)   $300 value

That equals $17,059 of value built into your price of $15,500!

That's a discount of over $1,500!

Everything on this list we will go over, help install, and show you how to maintain and service it. 

Package Breakdown:

Parajet Maverick - All titanium and lightweight construction with an extreme attention to detail. The Maverick is the pinnacle of paramotor design. It can handle all types of flying. From XC to acro, the Maverick is a machine that impress everyone. One of the best selling paramotors of all time, you'll fit right in at any flying event!

Kangook Amaruk - Kangook's flagship design. All aluminum design to keep weight at a minimum. With a sleek and sexy look, this paramotor is sure to turn heads. Plenty of customizable options are available for free as well!

Fly Products Rider - A stand out look, and a comfortable all aluminum design. A very sturdy machine that doesn't compromise weight. The defining feature of this machine is the double hoop design to help protect the prop from unwanted prop strikes. That is a feature the even the most experienced pilot can appreciate. 

Flow Future Power Paraglider- We spent thousands of hours flying different wings of all styles and designs. The Future Power's design is as good, if not better than all the other beginner gliders on the market. With the defining features of this wing being its rock stable feel, turbulence stability, low stall speed, large trim range, and confidence inspiring launch ability, this glider will shine in front of all your paramotor friends.

Flow Aura 2 Square Reserve- This is a must have for any pilot. It doesn't matter how you plan to fly, accidents and incidents can happen anywhere. There are a large portion of pilots choose to not install a reserve for many hours. Simply due to cost and weight. We hope you never need to use it, but why not have one? With this package, we include it so it's one less thing you need worry about. We will install it and show you how to use it as well! 

Beginner Training- This package includes our standard beginner training. That training includes up to 14 lessons with us where you'll learn the basics of kiting, the finer points of kiting, your first solo, an instructional tandem flight (height and weight restrictions apply), weather classes, ground school, airspace courses, and general theory of flight.

Training Discount - We appreciate our customers and this is our way of showing that. As a thank you for your business and support, we offer a discount to anyone who purchases the entire package. Thank you.

Shipping- We include shipping free of charge! Even better if you plan on meeting us for training. We'll do our best to coordinate the delivery so it's all ready when you arrive!

Optional Upgrades to the Package:

$325 Spare propeller
$400 Custom Parajet Maverick Colors 
$70 17 Liter Fuel Tank Upgrade for Parajet Maverick
$300 Quick-release harness
$325 APCO first kiting harness
$199 Iris "Quickie" quick-release prop hub


If you purchase through our website, please keep in mind that we will need to speak with you to confirm certain options for you based on your size, weight, and color preference. We can always send you an invoice with all of your selected options.

Jordan Honeyman 
Call or Text: (701) 412-7705

Alex Childers
Call or Text: (208) 995-1020


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